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Marsha VanVlack


Marsha Van Vlack of Whitesville NY creates masterful works of art in her home studio that is nestled into the surrounding hills and woods of her small upstate community. Nature and the simple impact of the human touch are major influences of her work.

Marsha's work often displays carvings and designs that reflect the arts crafts and art Nouveau style. She also utilizes low fire raku, saggar, and barrel firing techniques.


Marsha's work reflects the limitless possibilities of clay and the potential for new discovery. This varied approach to clay keeps her work fresh and always changing. She is fascinated with the unpredictability of these processes and is constantly experimenting which is reflected in her sculptures, jars, vases and wall pieces.

Over the past 45 years she has been awarded several Community Art Grants, currently 
teaches at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center in Wellsville, NY and holds workshops at her home studio.

Marsha has won numerous awards including best of show for her clay work and has been named both a Roycroft Master Craftsmen and Master Craftsmen for the 100 American craftsmen at the Kenan Center in Lockport, NY

We are an art gallery near the Finger Lakes featuring hand-made curated ceramics,

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